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Where Passion, Safety and Smiles Arrive on Two Wheels

Take a look at our unique 2-wheeled Parts and Accessories with pricing you are going to like!

About Bike Bits

Bike Bits


It all started from a trip to England in 2001, where Awesome Ears Helmet Gear were worn by many motorcyclists. Upon returning to the States, whenever stopped in traffic, I got yelled at, horns blowing and given the thumbs up for the "Ears". Hence I now have them manufactured for Bike Bits Inc and distribute them worldwide for everyone's enjoyment. They bring "Smiles for Miles" but more importantly they will cause the average (invisible) motorcyclist to be noticed by the crazy Cage drivers (safety) that tend to run us over. 

If you ever have the opportunity to ride most anywhere in Europe, make it a priority.

As a passionate owner of the infamous Honda CBR1100XX Super BlackBird, my next logical step was to add specialty motorcycle parts and accessories (bits) specifically for the BlackBird. Followed by carrying the Officially Licenced Honda line of products. Ride Red! I now have picked up the line of BarEnder Helmet Locks and a few other unique items found only at Bike Bits.

I look forward to growing a unique website dedicated to the motorcycle enthusiast and keeping motorcycle safety a priority!

Join Bike Bits in creating more "Smiles for Miles" while keeping the rubber side down!

Where We Ride


"The Wash" along the English coast, Eureka Springs, AR in the Ozark Mountains, Towanda, PA in the Pocono Mountains, Deals Gap in the Great Smoky Mountains to the Beaches of South Florida.

Why We Do It


To ride on 2-Wheels is exhilarating and an escape from the stress of the current American lifestyle. The freedom and the power that you experience can not be duplicated any other way. Nothing compares to the passion of riding.