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Forget that messy velcro tape that doesnt stick. Now there is "PassPouch", the transponder cover that is changing the way we travel through toll booths. The new way to carry your transponder on your Bike or Cage. Easily moved from one vehicle to another using secure 2 inch heavy duty silicone suction cups to hold your transponder on the wind screen of your motorcycle or on the windshield of your cage. PassPouch is a soft sided nylon pouch that securely holds your electronic toll collection transponder. Tested by the Florida Honda CBR1100XX riders group for stability and accuracy. Never fumble for change again while riding your motorcycle. Blast right on through those toll booths.

 There is a PassPouch to fit all state transponders anywhere in the USA. 

The messy velcro strips wont work on Motorcycle wind screens and they don't always register when carried in your pocket. This is a must have for motorcycle touring or commuting.

State transponders that fit in the PassPouch.

Don't let toll booths slow down your travels. Ride Hard, Ride Fast and Ride Safe.

Riding through tolls from coast to coast!

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Rectangular Pouch fits :

FL. GA. & KS.



The Square Pouch fits :

               CA. CT. IL. MA. MD. NY.                                  NJ. PA. SC. TX. VA.

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