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All FogCity products are based on our unique, unparalleled anti-fog technology. Produced from the highest quality crystal-clear film, with patented surface topography, FogCity anti-fog inserts have been tested and approved per the strict requirements of NASA Handbook 8060.1C and have demonstrated permanent protection from fog, combined with excellent clarity and durability.

The anti-fog science of FogCity works continuously, which means that fogging is banished for good. While other formulations reach a saturation point and fail, FogCity delivers lasting, unbeatable performance.

The Hyper Optiks Light Reactive Anti-Fog Visor Insert combines the advantage of the well-known FogCity anti-fog inserts with the newest photochromatic technology to provide unprecedented visual acuity in virtually every condition. And Hyper Optiks’ universal design makes it compatible with almost every type of helmet.

Anti-Fog: Incorporated into this high-quality optical visor insert is the anti-fog technology that has made Fog City the world leader in anti-fog visor inserts.

UV Protection: Absorbing more than 98% of harmful UV rays, Hyper Optiks inserts offer unprecedented optical faceshield performance.

High Performance: This amazing performance system instantly converts your clear shield into the highest-performing Light Reactive Anti-Fog and UV blocking visor available today. Hyper Optiks is optimally configured for all-weather, all-season riding comfort and performance. And unlike chemical coatings, sprays, and lesser-quality anti-fog inserts, the anti-misting properties of Hyper Optiks will never wear out or saturate.

Easy to Install: The peel and stick system allows you to quickly and easily install Hyper Optiks with no tools and no damage to your faceshield.

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