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This web site was created due to popular demand of high quality motorcycle parts

and unusual Bits for bikes.

It all started from a trip to England in 2001, where Awesome Ears Helmet Gear are worn by many motorcyclist. Upon returning to the States, whenever stopped in traffic, I got yelled at and horns blowing and given the thumbs up for the "Ears". Hence I now have them manufactured for Bike Bits Inc and distribute them worldwide for every ones enjoyment. They bring lots of smiles but more importantly they will cause the average (invisible) motorcyclist to be noticed by all the Cage drivers (safety) that tend to run us over. If you ever have the opportunity to ride most anywhere in Europe, make it a priority.

As a dedicated owner of the Infamous Honda CBR1100XX Super BlackBird, my next logical step was to add specialty parts and accessories (bits) specifically for the BlackBird. Followed by carrying the Officially Licenced Honda line of products. Ride Red!

I look forward to growing a unique website dedicated solely to the motorcycle enthusiast!

Join Bike Bits in creating more "Smiles for Miles" with the rubber side down!


If you have any comments and/or suggestions, please refer to the Contact Us page and let me hear from you.



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